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Dr. Jeff Geschwind, currently the Director of Oncology at USA Vein and Oncology Centers, is pleased to announce that he has joined the Editorial Board of the journal “Diagnostics“.

The journal invited Dr. Geschwind to join the editorial board because of his many scientific contributions in the field of interventional radiology, interventional oncology and medical imaging more generally. He was also asked to edit a special issue that will be focused on a particular area of research interest.

Diagnostics is an international scholarly journal that is peer-reviewed and is open accessed for the public. The interdisciplinary forum that the journal provides includes research and development of medical diagnostics such as nuclear medicine, medical imaging, biomarkers, molecular diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip, clinical decision support systems, and emerging diagnostic devices. The general public and scientific community have free and unlimited access to the content as soon as it is published.

Dr. Geschwind is joining an esteemed panel of medical professionals from all around the world and looks forward to being an editor for Diagnostics.

Dr. Geschwind brings his passion for clinical research and technology to the journal and has made considerable contributions over the years to the fields of interventional oncology, imaging sciences and liver cancer, both in terms of basic and translational research, and therapeutic developments. He has published nearly 300 scientific manuscripts in the most highly rated medical journals and he was the lead or co-investigator on more than 50 clinical trials testing innovative treatments for patients with liver cancer funded by pharmaceutical companies, foundations and/or the NIH, some care changing. Dr. Geschwind served as the first President of the Society of Interventional Oncology.